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WarsDomain now has a Final Fantasy XI server running. It only goes as high as Rise of the Zilart but I'm more then happy to have it. WD FFXI server is running on software called the DarkStar Project. Similiar to the Trinity and Mangos emulators for WoW, DarkStar emulates the FFXI server portion of the game. I have no doubt that the number of people initially interested in this server can be counted on one hand. That is why I am modifying retail FFXI settings with the following -

* auto filling the AH with items
* increasing the speed of characters
* starting everyone with 500 gil

Future updates will include solo armor that will not work if you are in a PT and a MOB ball field. What is MOB Ball? Glad you asked. It's a simple game that requires you or your team to aggro the mob ball (a low level, non-aggressive mob) over the oppositions goal line. Simple as that. But you can only be a level 1, have no gear and the field is littered with high level mobs.  And if you end up killing the mob ball, you lose a point and the first team to 5 wins.

Due to the potential issues and complexity of FFXI, more information on logging in and setup can be found in the forums.


FFXI Access Request

Please click on the below link to submit an access request for the WarsDomain FFXI Server.

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