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I was attempting to install Windows Server 2008 R2 on a VM earlier today. I had the physical DVD in my PC and I configured the VM to use Client Device as the Device Type under CD/DVD drive 1. I would power on the VM, press <Esc> for the boot menu and then click the "Connect/disconnect the CD/DVD..." button. Then select the drive the DVD was in and the below message would appear:

Could not open the client device "X:". Check that the dvice exists and that it is not being used by another program.

The fix -

Select "Emulate IDE" under the Mode in CD/DVD drive 1.


I was having issues installing Windows 8 and my fix was to choose Other under the Guest operating system. Unfortunately choosing Other removes Install VMWare Tools and replaces it with VMWare Tools Unavailable. The fix? I chose Windows 7 as the Guest operating system and Install VMWare Tools was now an option.


Virtualization is an amazing thing! Take a handful or racks full of physical servers and cram them onto a virtual host. While this is an oversimplified example of its use, virtualization can also cause headaches and large stumbling blocks along your path to virtual happiness.

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