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Virtualization is an amazing thing! Take a handful or racks full of physical servers and cram them onto a virtual host. While this is an oversimplified example of its use, virtualization can also cause headaches and large stumbling blocks along your path to virtual happiness. Like what, you ask? Well, at least one of you anyway. Glad to know someone is paying attention. Well, like the software you are virtualizing has some safe guards against piracy or is really insistent on their licensing agreement.

Take for example Borland Interbase. A decent product with a sneaky installation step that guarantee's that if you attempt to up and move the install, the DB's won't start. See, within the install of Interbase lies a file called node.txt. It has a string that is 8 characters long. That string also matches the serial number of the HDD Interbase is installed on. If the serial number on your HDD doesn't match what is in node.txt, Interbase will fail to load. Changing the node.txt file to match the VM HDD didn't work for me. So I changed the serial number of the VM HDD to match the node.txt file. BAM! Interbase starts without error. Btw, I used this to change the serial number.