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The office that I work in has a large file repository stored on a network share. The file structure isn't uncommon by any means and it is constantly being accessed by every user (20+) in the office. And while not my first choice for content storage, management likes it so I'm not...

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The December patch for Outlook 2010 has been yanked from the update list. Yet again, a well intended change is causing more harm then good. While the effects may not be noticeable to begin with, some of your users may start complaining when common features are disabled or completely gone. Some of the issues are:

Today I had a user claiming they made changes to their Normal Style and Word 2010 was not saving those changes. While in Word, the changes could be made and saved. And during that session, the changes were applied to the active document and all subsequent documents. However...

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Ran into an issue where a client had a PC infected with malware. First thing to do? Safe Mode, sign on as Admin, install malwarebytes and work with it from there. Only problem was that EXE files wouldn't launch. Windows didn't recognize the file type and wanted to know how to run it.

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