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Ran into an issue where a client had a PC infected with malware. First thing to do? Safe Mode, sign on as Admin, install malwarebytes and work with it from there. Only problem was that EXE files wouldn't launch. Windows didn't recognize the file type and wanted to know how to run it. I snooped around and discoverd that EXE was not a known File Type. So I added it. Yay! Malwarebytes was installed and removed over 140 problems. A few minor changes and the PC was running again.

How to Add a File Type -

  1. Open Windows Explorer(My Computer).
  2. Click Tools / Folder Options /File Types
  3. Scroll down to where EXE should be. The list is in alphabetical order so it shouldn't be hard to find it if it's there.
  4. Select the New button, type in EXE for the extension and then select the Advanced button.
  5. From the Associated File Type list, choose "Application".
  6. Click OK
  7. Click OK