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Today I had a user claiming they made changes to their Normal Style and Word 2010 was not saving those changes. While in Word, the changes could be made. And during that session, the changes were applied to the active document and subsequent documents. However, when the user closed the Word session they were in and reopened Word, all changes were lost.

So I created a new Style, chose it as my default, changed the Normal Style and was able to use both styles in documents I created. I closed Word and reopened. The Normal Style was back to its defaults and my new Style was gone. Sooooo I closed Word and deleted the Normal.dotm file under c:\users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates. I restarted Word. The Normal.dotm wasn't recreated. Odd. I closed and reopened Word. Still no Normal.dotm. But Word was starting up fine with no complaints that Normal.dotm was missing.

Alrighty. I closed Word & Outlook. Opened Outlook and then opened Word. Now Word is prompting to create a new Normal.dotm. Now that is odd. So I start snooping and find PDF Complete installed on the users laptop. PDF Complete was software preloaded by HP. It also has its hooks in Word and Outlook. I uninstalled PDF Complete and deleted the new Normal.dotm file again. I opened Word and it received the message that it was creating a new Normal.dotm. Nice. I made changes to the Normal Style and closed Word. I reopened Word and the changes were still there. After making more changes to a few Styles and created a new one, I closed Word and reopened. All the changed and the new Style were still there.

Moral of the story, if you want to read PDF's - get Adobe Reader. If you want to create PDF's from any type of document, pic or presentation - get CutePDF. If you want to create PDF's - get Adobe Pro and do it right.