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The office that I work in has a large file repository stored on a network share. The file structure isn't uncommon by any means and it is constantly being accessed by every user (20+) in the office. And while not my first choice for content storage, management likes it so I'm not going to argue...too much. Every few months, I would get a call that a folder was missing. So I would snoop around, starting where the missing should have been and discover that it had "magically" found it's way into a different home. I say "magically" because no one knew how or when it happened.

Yay drag and drop(d&d)! I'd like to blame the users for not paying attention. I'd like to ask how in the hell did you do this without knowing? I'd like to take away their mice.  I'd like to...but I know that more than half the time, they have no clue as to what they have done. That's because there is no pop-up that occurs when you d&d a folder that you have access to. It only takes holding a mouse button down for half a second too long and without knowing it, you've moved a folder or more. If you are navigating up or down a directory tree, you wouldn't even notice.

The d&d issues have been steadily increasing lately (increase of new employees) and I was tired of moving folders. So what do I do to fix this issue? Well, I could try -

  • Relying on education and training
  • Enabling Click Lock
  • Adjusting mouse sensitivity
  • Adjusting pixels needed to trigger d&d
  • Adjusting folder security
  • Installing a DMS or CMS
  • Forcing a pop-up

Guess which one I did? Education and training clearly wasn't working out. I activated auditing and it wasn't the same repeat offenders. It was everyone. I'd speak to them about it, get the surprised look, then denial, then an apology, go over how important it was to watch what you do... well, you get the idea. And they would do it again in a week or two. Click lock, mouse sensitivity and pixel changes would require a system change at every workstation. Changing folder security would create more work no matter what spin you put on it. CMS and DMS projects are just that, projects and I really didn't want to wait. So I used DragDropConfirm.

DragDropConfirm forces a pop-up when you d&d. It has a few options you can change but for the most part, it has one job and it does it well. Installation is quick and painless and the effects are immediate. I wrote a bat file utilizing psexec to log into the PCs and then execue the silent install of DragDrop. I also used WolCmd.exe to wake up any machine that was asleep. I already had a .bat file that rebooted all the workstation, so I just tweaked it a little. Whole process took less then 5 minutes. While this may not stop all of the d&d issues, at least now a pop-up will appear to alert my users. 


WolCmd.exe 88:51:FB:70:0B:73
psexec \\YOURPC -c DragDrop.exe /S