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When compiling Mangos, Trinity or various other emulators and/or projects, I find myself with updates galore. While the core package might be updated and the core was released a week ago, changes keep coming in. These changes are normally found in the format of a .SQL file. If you waited a week or two or even a month, those .SQL files just pile up.

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I use a Dell Studio XPS for work. Don't give me that look and stop rolling your eyes. It was on sale, had a decent warranty, had above average specs and came with a free monitor. And I made use of the warranty twice before it was up. Both calls for failed HDD's.

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If you are familiar with Outlook, you have enjoyed a type-ahead feature that save you the time of finding or typing out email addresses that you have used in the past. The feature allows the user to merely type a few letters of a name or address and suddenly a drop down window...

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