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Try out a few older games that can be played on your PC!


DOS Box .74

Use this utility to create a DOS enviroment on newer PC's. Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 -bit and Windows 8.


Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood

Early this morning, a strong wind went through the hundred acre wood and picked up many objects and scattered them about. It is your job to locate all the objects, determine who the proper owners are, and return them. You better hurry though, before the wind returns again! Along the way you'll meet all the familiar Winnie The Pooh characters including Eeyore, Owl, Tigger, and Piglet. The games interface involves no typing, instead the cursor keys are used to choose from a list of actions specific to the current location or situation, pick up and drop objects, and navigate around the hundred acre wood.


Donald Duck's Playground

Donald Duck's Playground won several awards from educational software magazines as best educational game of the year. In it, you are Donald, working at four different jobs to earn money, which you then spend to buy playground equipment for your nephews to enjoy. This is a 1988 remake of the 1985 original.


The Black Cauldron

An adventure based on the Disney cartoon The Black Cauldron. You are Taran, assistant Pig keeper, living in Caer Dalben. Soon you'll notice that your pig HenWen has magical powers. The Evil Horned King want that pig so that he can locate the black cauldron and rule the world. You must stop him.


Mickey's Space Adventure

Walking along one day, Mickey and Pluto come across a spaceship. After boarding the ship, they are given a quest by XL30 from the planet Oron. A long time ago, a thief stole the planets memory crystal and broke it up into nine pieces, hiding them on each planet in the solar system. It is Mickey's job to travel to each planet and locate the crystals so the inhabitants of the planet Oron may receive their memory back. Information about the different planets and locations visited are displayed on arrival, and XL30 may occasionally give clues through the ships computer. The interface for the game doesn't use a text parser, instead short sentences are created by using the cursor keys to highlight the necessary words from a selection on the screen. The game will also suggest better options if an illogical or impossible action is requested.


Putt Putt Travels Through Time

Mr Firebird's time machine has taken away Putt Putt's school supplies. Putt Putt has lost his calculator, lunch box, history report and pal Pep the dog! Putt Putt needs your help to find these items and return them to the present! Also, have fun bouncing Pep into the air to pop colorful balloons in a free activity game to collect big points.