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Welcome to WarsDomain! Browse through files, articles and whatever else you may be interested in. For the most part, I host this site so I have a central location for everything I've found on the interwebz and have found useful. I'm also no fan of giving cash to cable companies or production studios when it isn't deserved. So I have a few articles on Roku, Netflix, Play On and most importantly Windows Media Center. So download a file, play a game or join a discussion. And please, drop me message if you have questions or suggestions.



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    WarsDomain will be switching ISPs. All services will be offline starting on the 5th. We expect services to be restored on the 6th. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.
    A server crash and corrupt backup have caused me to rebuild this site from scratch. Please have patience as I piece together everything that once was.

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LORD has come to the web in PHP Legend of the Red Dragon has returned! It still has all the add ons that you remember and a few new ones!

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Own a vast trading company in space Never liked LORD? Try Trade Wars. Rise to the top as you bury your opponents with your cut-throat tactics.

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Final Fantasy XI has come to WarsDomain. Relive your adventures in Vana'diel on our new FFXI server! Or try out the game for the first time!

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WoW on WarsDomain Private Server Play World of Warcraft with other members of WarsDomain.

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