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WarsDomain has undergone quite a few changes over the years and for better or worse, we adapted. What started as a group of individuals having a little fun grew to hundreds of users sharing our thoughts and vision. That vision being that anyone with a bit of knowledge and guidance could do almost anything on a PC.

In the beginning (early 90's), I started WarsDomain BBS running WildCat! on a 486 SX. I offered the basics - files, games, chat. Within a few years, the BBS had expanded to 3 PCs with as many lines. I also added 2 admins (Mike Petrik and Dave May) to the site to help with files, routine maintenance and general upkeep and user issues. We had games for all our users to play, software, pics, forums and anything else we could squeeze in there. We also played with different BBS software (a dismal failure - I'm talking to you PowerBBS), modems and drivers. We did everything we could to make WarsDomain BBS fun for everyone and have something for every user. Mike added monthly contests to the site. Dave suggested adding selected content. It was loads of fun but as you might expect things do have a tendency to change.

Shortly after those wonderful AOL disks started to appear in everyone's mailboxes, Dave decided to we needed to make a presence on the World Wide Web. WarsDomain.com was published and we started to build our site. Traffic was slow on the website even though we tried to mimic the BBS the best we could. Space became an issue (it wasn't cheap back then) so most of our files remained on the BBS. Mike tried new designs, played with the new code and learned quite a lot. But the bulk of our users still remained on the BBS - so we upgraded! We added another PC, more selections and email. Dave added MOO and MUD access shortly after.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end. We noticed that as time passed, more and more people started to access the internet and interest in our local BBS waned. After we shutdown 2 PCs because of slow traffic, our effort began to focus on the web site again. We built the pages to resemble the WildCat! design and even transferred most of our files onto the site. But it lacked something. It wasn't pulling in users like the BBS.

We all had different ideas on how to increase traffic but we never came to an agreement as to which direction to take. Soon are brainstorms were nothing but arguments. After a few weeks of continuous bickering, an ultimatum was eventually made. This eventually led to Mike's departure and our 3-man team was down to 2. After Mike left the team, we moved forward with updating the website and shuttering the 2nd BBS PC. Traffic began to improve on our site however it slowed to almost nothing on the BBS. After we noticed only a few long time users were only playing LORD we decided it was time to end it. So in the fall of '97, WarsDomain BBS was shutdown.

The website changed...and changed again and eventually Dave and I lost interest. We both had our own lives and careers, our own passions and the website just wasn't one of them. In 2001 we stopped maintaining the page. Links eventually broke, forums became so spam filled that real topics eventually disappeared and users stopped returning. It wasn't until 2003 that I started creating websites again. My brother had died and I put up a dedication site. Dave helped me out with the design and few addons. One night after we had completed the site, the idea of bringing back WarsDomain came up. And after a couple few lot of beers, we decided to try it again. The original design was scrapped and we started from scratch. A yellow and grey theme was designed with a flash intro, sound effects and music. But what now?

We had our site and a lot of old material. No one used DOS and Windows 3.1 anymore, Windows NT was long gone and you would be hard pressed to find someone who knew what a BBS door was, much less wanting to know how to properly configure one. And then we were approached by a few friends to build a website. We built it, reserved the name and hosted it. When changes were needed, our friends wanted to learn how to code web pages so they could it themselves. We showed them and anyone who wanted to learn how. Our service spread by word of mouth and soon we were hosting more sites. Our forums grew too, teaching anyone who wanted to learn how to build PCs, install software, code web pages or host sites. Soon WarsDomain Hosting, LLC was formed! We added email again and started to see traffic increase.

We geared our forums towards how-to's and user guides. Error codes, automation and what-ifs were frequent subjects of discussion. Our little page that boasted a handful of users and ballooned to almost 800 within a month. We were ecstatic so we added the option for file sharing, streaming music and video to the site. We wrote code, apps and increased our library of how to's and guides. Then we started to allow registered users to host their own site on WarsDomain.com. Our users base now exceeded over 1000 registered users. We soon learned that being too trusting of our user base was not only dangerous but it was beginning to cost us more than just hard drive space. Things needed to change.

It had come to our attention that users were storing files that broke our EULA for web hosting. Assuming it was a mistake, we asked for the files to be removed and thought it would be the end. But we were wrong. Not only did the files increase, the amount of users breaking the EULA did as well. Dave wanted to give them a 2nd chance, I decided to boot them. Unfortunately Dave didn't agree and decided he was finished with WarsDomain. Within 24 hrs, WarsDomain lost over half of its user base and an admin. Within a year, I was back to a handful of registered users again.

So in 2008 I decided to redo WarsDomain.com and make it fun again, but for me. I installed Joomla and started on my new site. Unfortunately an untimely server crash hindered my endeavor and my desire to create a new page came to a sudden halt. Time and energy was something I had little of and decided that the web page could wait. Besides, who needs a webpage when you've got Facebook? Am I right? I thought so until they started changing crap... and I started getting Friend Requests from people I haven't seen in +10 years.  I then discovered the reason why I haven't talked to these people in +10 years... they annoy me to no end. And what about the security and privacy concerns? I was getting tired of checking settings every time someone at Facebook made a change. Facebook was beginning to be more of a headache then it was worth. Screw this...

So I decided to resurrect WarsDomain.com again and here we are. A new design and a new vision. The vision is still a bit blurry but I'd say the design is very pleasing. I'm always adding new content and links when I have the time. I plan for the site to grow and eventually start hosting again but for now, I'll take it slow and easy.

Well that's it. Thanks for reading about the history of WarsDomain. We've had our ups and downs but in the end (at least for me) - its all about what you like and enjoying yourself.